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Tourist Ticket Cusco

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The full Tourist Ticket remains valid for 10 days. It costs about $46 for adults, although international students are eligible for the discount rate of $25 as long as they have a valid student card. If you don’t want to see all the attractions—or you don’t have the time—a partial ticket (boleto parcial) might be a better option. The attractions covered by the full Tourist Ticket are divided into three circuits. Tickets for Circuit 1 are valid for one day; tickets for Circuits 2 and 3 are valid for two days. A partial ticket costs around $25 for adults.
Keep in mind that attractions do not sell individual entry tickets, so either way, you will have to pay for a tourist pass—even if you only plan on visiting one museum or site.
Attractions on the Tourist Ticket and Partial Tickets
The full Tourist Ticket covers all of the attractions while partial tickets cover one of the three circuits.
Circuit 1: Includes Saqsaywaman, Qenqo, Pukapukara, and Tambomachay.
Circuit 2 : Allows entry to Museo de Arte Popular, Museo de Sitio del Qoricancha (museum only, not the Qoricancha site), Museo Historico Regional, Museo de Arte Contemporaneo, Monumento a Pachacuteq (Pachacuteq Statue), Centro Qosqo de Arte Nativo (native art and folkloric dance), Pikillacta, and Tipon.
Circuit 3: Has sites such as Pisac, Ollantaytambo, Chinchero, and Moray. The Tourist Ticket does not include the following: Machu Picchu, the Religious Circuit (temples), the salt mines, the Pre-Columbian Art Museum, the Inka Museum, the site of Qoricancha, and the Casa Concha museum. Transport and guides are also not included in the full Tourist Ticket or circuit tickets.